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Sudden Weight Gain

Hi Lorna,

3 years ago I had a hysterectomy but I still have my tubes and ovaries. Earlier this year I went through a very traumatic period in my life and lost a great deal of weight, I went from about 134lbs to 104 in about 6 months. I am 5'7 so this was terribly thin for me. When things in my life started to settle down I noticed that I was putting some weight back on which was good. I am active - I try to walk or run at least 3 times a week and i am trying to have a cleaner diet. Over the last couple of months I have noticed unusual weight gain in my thighs, hips, buttocks and tummy. It is very bloated and I can't get rid of it no matter what I do. I have been to my doctor and she has done a series of tests thinking it could be IBS or thyroid but they have all turned up nothing. I went to my local health store and they suggested it could be hormonal because the weight gain is isolated. I am at my wits ends and this is causing a great deal of stress for me is there anything that you can suggest?

Many thanks Joanie

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Posted 12/10/2012 10:24:18 PM

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