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Boosting the Breast

Hi Lorna, I happily stumbled upon your products here in Montreal in a health food store. I have two questions - The first being - I would love to increase my breast one size only ( I am a "B" and a "C" would help me probably have a chest that would help the 'hourglass' shape happen more. This leads me to my second question reducing my belly fat ( despite healthy eating and plenty of exercise ). Thanks, I really look forward to your thoughts, Debbie

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Posted 8/3/2012 7:48:04 AM
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Lorna has two products that are potentially helpful with decreasing your waist line. If you are not able to lose weight through exercise and diet, it may be worth while getting your thyroid tested, just to rule it out. You want your TSH levels to be between .5 and 2.

As for your breasts, your size is something you may need to learn to love. The only way to increase breast size is by A) gaining weight or B) breast augmentation, neither of which I recommend due to health concerns (and financial!)

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Posted 8/27/2012 3:18:50 PM

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