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belly fat

Hi Lorna, I am a 55yr old female, I have been very thin all my life until I hit 45 then the weight started creeping on. I hate the way I look, I have 2belly's and was scheduled for tummy tuck for next mth but have had to canx bc of well as the fact I want to get it done when I have gotten rid of the extra weight. I have high blood pressure as well as anxiety and have been taking meds for both for about 13yrs. I go to the gym twice a wk as well as zumba classes once a wk. My mothers side of the family all have huge bellys my fathers side are tall and thin. I deal with alot of stress in my life both my job and family life. I am raising my grandson from an adopted daughter... Thank you for any suggestions you may have. Vanessa

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Posted 7/10/2012 3:01:22 PM

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